With the Broome County Celtic Pipes and Drums playing around town all evening. The toast is at 11:30pm or so. THE REVELERS will be rocking out at McGirk’s Irish Pub starting at 8:30PM.

Toast Stops

4:00—4:15pm          Wegmans                               Johnson City, NY

4:45 – 5:00pm          Kelly’s Bar   Page Ave             Endicott, NY

5 15 –5 45pm          Harry Tuff’s   Main St               Endicott, NY

6:00 – 6:30pm          Bobby’s Placw Main St            Endicott, NY

6:45 –7:00pm          Blind Tiger Hary L Dr.              Johnson City  NY

7:15  -8:00pm          Giblin’s Bar Main St.               Johnson City NY

8:15 –8 30pm          AOH Main St.                         Binghamton, NY

8:45 –9:00pm          The Belmar Main St                Binghamton, NY

9:15– 9;45pm          The Beef Leroy St                  Binghamton, NY

10:00 -1015pm         Dillinger’s State St                 Binghamton,  NY

10:30-10:45pm         Brass Latern  Rt 12               Chenago Bridge NY

11:00-12:00am         Mc Girks Tavern  Rt 12          Chenango Bridge NY


AOH Dinner Feb 25th

Binghamton Parade March 3rd

Scranton March 10th 12pm

Mcgrath’s Bar after parade

Wikes-Barre March 11th 2pm